Emotional funktionalism 




A wood stove made in spring steel, a research on patterns and forms to have a flatable and light fire box.

Ecal x Méhari Club Cassis

Méhari_Bags Collection_PVC

Marius, Fanny, César 

A collection of bags designed for the Mehari Club of Cassis. The bags are thermo-welded, a nod to this iconic French car which is thermoformed. A pattern inspired by the car's lines. Watertight , the most precious things are perfectly protected. 

Exposed during the Design Parade at the Villa Noailles, 2021

Perfume x Paper sclupture

Verso_Incense Paper_Perfume


Working on the beauty of ephemere, Verso is a incense paper inspired by Bruno Munari, Sculture da viaggio. A small booklet with ten different paper sculptures.

Fold - Light - Blow. 

Incense paper are a new old way to scent your home and travels. As it slowly smolders, the paper disappears, leaving behind a delicious scent. One moment, and already just a souvenir.

Graphic Design : Leonardo Azzolini 


Trio Baro_Ladders_Metal

Trio Baro 

A series of ladders that form a playground. A desire to play with the lines to create anamorphoses, 2D scales that seem to be in 3D.
A ladder to have the feeling of losing balance before reaching the top !