Emotional funktionalism 

the knife

U cultellu_Heather burl_Damas Steel

U cultellu

Foldable knife developped with a corsican knife maker.
The heather burl handle hides a Damas steel blades, thanks to a mecanical system hides inside. 

Xavier Biancarelli makes his own steel. In a furnace he makes himself, he burns coal he has prepared. He heats the stone to extract the steel ore.
Then he forges the resulting metal with another type of steel to make the blade stronger and lighter.
Like a mille feuille, he heats, stretches, folds and multiplies the layers. This is visible on the knife blade, where there is a lace-like pattern.




A wood stove made in spring steel, a research on patterns and forms to have a flatable and light fire box.

Ecal x Méhari Club Cassis

Méhari_Bags Collection_PVC

Marius, Fanny, César 

A collection of bags designed for the Mehari Club of Cassis. The bags are thermo-welded, a nod to this iconic French car which is thermoformed. A pattern inspired by the car's lines. Watertight , the most precious things are perfectly protected. 

Exposed during the Design Parade at the Villa Noailles, 2021

Perfume x Paper sclupture

Verso_Incense Paper_Perfume


Working on the beauty of ephemere, Verso is a incense paper inspired by Bruno Munari, Sculture da viaggio. A small booklet with ten different paper sculptures.

Fold - Light - Blow. 

Incense paper are a new old way to scent your home and travels. As it slowly smolders, the paper disappears, leaving behind a delicious scent. One moment, and already just a souvenir.

Graphic Design : Leonardo Azzolini