Emotional funktionalism 


all art needs a history, a past.

Emotions are linked to our senses. Flowers are sensory; they have shapes and colours that the eye appreciates, their touch is delicate, some are edible and we cannot forget their fragrance. Here are some words from a lecture by the nose Jean-Claude Ellena at the French Fashion Institute: Creation is a story. He explains that an emotions can be created using our stories, our memories, and that these are necessery to him. 

"I am talking about something called emotion, which when it is great, shakes the mind and body. Perfume is linked to emotion yet I have no physical way of expressing it, no smell of wonder, joy, fear, melancholy. I am very poor at creating emotions yet that is what I do. I manipulate affect through form and story. Creating the smell of the sea could be within the reach of everyone Where things get complicated is when you have to create a cold, icy, impetuous sea, I don't have a cold, icy or impetuous smell. Yet that's what I do. To compose a perfume, knowledge of the materials is not enough. All art needs a history, a past. And to create, I had to take inspiration from other perfumes, not to copy them but to understand them. Nothing is created from nothing, creativity is at the price of a chosen heritage and not prescribed to keep its freshness of language. Marketing today, with its analytical approach to the present and its normative reflexes, condemns the past and thus condemns itself to repeating the present.

Propos tirés d’une conférence à l’IFM
Photo de Lili Barbery-Coulon