Emotional funktionalism 


For my thesis, I wanted to write about objects. I have always been passionate about stories and in particular about the human history. Objects are a vehicle of stories, kind of fossils of civilisations.

They are never just tools, their study is not limited to their function. They carry within them our DNA. They reflect our economic system, our technological advances, our moral and cultural values. They are vectors of communication and emotion. They are a means of expression.

The first series of articles talks about language as a fundamental of our civilisation. Design is a form of language and it can be very different among cultures. Yet at the origin, there is a gesture. The second part is about the gesture of giving flowers. Their language, because although they are silent, they can tell us a lot. Their ephemeral nature which allows us to see the fragility and beauty of life in a few days. The madness they create by being a real consumer product, and finally the relationship between nature and culture.

An invitation to cultivate the useless, to cultivate flowers, to cultivate emotions.