Emotional funktionalism 


just a moment

If immortality were offered on earth, who would accept this sad gift ? asks Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Emile. There are many myths and stories that urge us to accept our fate: It is our condemnation that makes each of our moments unique. The fragility of life makes it priceless. There is an inescapable feeling of smallness in the face of these questions. It's a bit like wondering about the infinitely large, and the infinitely small. Flowers are on our scale. They never live more than 10 days. Enough time to observe them, to not get tired of them, to miss them. We can grab them for a moment, they are with us and we can watch them bloom, live and die. A moment to remember the elusive.

They are so much life, that even when they die they die, they are beautiful.

“Les crocodiles vivent cent ans ; les roses trois jours. Et pourtant, on offre des roses.”
Michel Chrestin.

Sarah Illenberger - Flowerworks - 2014