Emotional funktionalism 


make a gesture

When we design an object, we inscribe it in our gestural practice, and here again the gesture always reveals a certain subjectivity. "A gesture is, therefore, a social practice, since there is no man who is outside any society. In these conditions, it is a cultural act, and, by definition, an inheritance, a transmission, and an evolution. It is acquired, learned. It is taught, passed on and bequeathed. It is imitated. It is explained. It is analysed.” L. Porcher - 1989

There is a great diversity of culture, of gesture, of design yet some gestures are more universal and we can share with people whose language or culture we do not share. What if giving flowers was a universal gesture? Although they have very different meanings and are highly codified, giving flowers is a gesture found in many cultures and at different times.
They are an interesting object of study to talk about language, emotion, of man, of design.

Bruno Munari - Supplemento al dizionario italiano