Emotional funktionalism 


So is it the chicken or the egg?

Is it our culture that feeds our design, or our design that feeds our culture? If an object can have different forms, materialities, wear different costumes, there is already an element of subjectivity at its origin. If we were to limit ourselves to mere functionality, to the purest use, we would still not be able to achieve universality. Since the object is designed to meet a specific need of a target or an era. The collections of the Quai Branly show the lives of so many people by displaying their costumes, their crockery, their jewellery, their tools... We have the same faculties, we have similar vital needs yet our beliefs, our rituals, our destinies are very different and therefore our objects too. If we were transported to the future, what would we think, far from all our landmarks? Far from our heritage, our culture? Designing objects cannot be universal. A story is never an absolute truth when human observation is taken into account. What we see, we observe from our personal perspective, and it is very difficult to know if it is a shared truth. A good storyteller does not restrict himself to reality since reality is nothing more than the personal interpretation of what one sees or experiences. 

Stanley Kubrick - 2001: A Space Odyssey - 1968